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Why Weapon Bans in America Make Very Little Sense

Oct 01, 2019

American has seen some of the most inhumane and devastating terrorist attacks in the last few decades. Other than that, the citizens have been subject to all sorts of street crimes like hit and runs, thefts and assaults. Not only is there a decreasing sense of security among the citizens, but an increasing need to take necessary steps to defend themselves. In the middle of all this, America’s resistance to allow its citizens to carry guns hasn’t really helped. Here’s why we ... read more

Armed and Prepared: Why Women Should Carry a Concealed Weapon

Sep 30, 2019

Gun violence is a pressing issue when it comes to women’s safety. According to statistics, women are 11 times more likely to be attacked with a firearm than men in the US. In this threatening and turbulent environment, carrying a concealed weapon can be hugely advantageous for women. Greater Security The most common reason for a person to carry a concealed weapon is for their own safety. Safety is an even bigger concern for women as they are the biggest victims of gendered robbe... read more

How Should I Choose my First Pistol for Conceal and Carry Use?

Sep 27, 2019

Carrying a concealed weapon is no joke! You need to be aware of exactly what object you’re carrying and how to use it for your own or someone else’s protection. This means that when you’re buying a conceal and carry weapon, you need to keep quite a few things in mind. Here’s what you should do if it’s your first time selecting a pistol for the purpose. Do Your Homework Amidst all the controversies and debates regarding gun laws and firearm sales, it’s c... read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Conceal and Carry Weapons

Sep 25, 2019

It’s a common perception among Americans that the crime rate in the US has substantially increased over the last few years. According to a survey, 6 out of 10 American citizens are of the view that the law and order situation is worse than it was last year. While the government does all it can to keep its citizens safe, we need to take safety measures ourselves too. This is why concealed carry weapons have emerged as a popular self-defense option. However, you can only carry handg... read more

Protective Dressing: What Is It and How Is It Done?

Sep 24, 2019

Protective dressing for concealed carry refers to the garments and tools you use to lawfully carry your firearm in public without it being easily exposed or revealed to those around you. Doesn’t sound that complicated, right? You’d be surprised to learn how tricky this supposedly simple act can be.  This is because, in order for you to carry your concealed weapon such that it’s safe and easily accessible, you need more than just a fabric covering. You can’t just s... read more

How to Take Apart a Handgun

Sep 20, 2019

You may want to disassemble your handgun for maintenance or safety purposes. The Glock series is one of the most popular set of handguns in the U.S. So for this guide, we’re going to use the Glock as an example. The Glock is used in this guide also because of its similarity to other popular handguns. Disassembling your handgun is simple but it’s important to practice gun safety rules during the process to avoid any injuries. 1. Unloading the Handgun The simplest part of d... read more

The 5 Commandments of Gun Safety

Sep 18, 2019

In 2016 alone, there were more than 160,000 fatalities due to unintentional firearm use. Accidental deaths can be avoided if gun owners simply practiced these 5 commandments of gun safety. 1. Always keep the Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction This is the most important of commandments. If every gun owner handled firearms in a responsible manner, there’d potentially be zero accidents. Make it a habit to check your surroundings when handling a gun. This applies even when you’r... read more

4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Used Gun

Sep 17, 2019

Buying a used gun is a viable option for those who’re working on a tight budget, but it comes with challenges that don’t come with brand new firearms. Buying a used gun may be intimidating, especially for beginners. What if it turns out to be a dud or you end up paying 50% more than what it’s worth? While there’s a bit of luck that determines how good of a deal you get, there are a few other things you can do to make sure you’re not getting cheated. Store Reputa... read more

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Properly Treat a Gunshot Wound

Sep 16, 2019

Nearly 70,000 people in America deal with non-fatal gunshot wounds each year. Gunshot wounds are extremely painful and can be life-threatening if immediate medical attention isn’t sought. The severity of a gunshot wound depends on many factors, including the type of gun, ammunition, distance, projectile velocity, and the point of entry. The chances of you ever having to treat a gunshot wound are slim. But gun violence in America is on the rise. In 2017, fatalities due to gun violen... read more

AR 15: America’s Favorite Semi-Automatic Rifle

Sep 14, 2019

The AR-15 has become so popular that the National Rifle Association has awarded it the title of ‘America’s rifle.’ The ‘AR’ in AR-15 stands for Armalite Rifle. Originally designed for military personnel, it was later modified to serve the civilian population. There are many reasons why the AR-15 has become America’s favorite semi-automatic rifle. Let’s look at some of them: Many Customization Options The AR-15 can be modified to the extreme. ... read more

4 Tips To Improve Your Concealed Carry Game

Sep 13, 2019

Carrying a concealed weapon is a huge responsibility. You’re carrying a lethal weapon that could hurt someone if used carelessly. Not to mention, if you’re a known licensed gun carrier in your community, then you might also be called upon to intervene in dangerous situations. Data shows that three in ten American adults own a gun, while 11% of people say that they live with someone who does. Given the fact that so many people carry weapons, it’s important that they know... read more

What is Dry Firing and is it Bad for your Firearm?

Sep 12, 2019

Dry firing refers to firing an unloaded firearm. You pull the trigger, the hammer strikes, and that’s it. You may be wondering how this could possibly harm the firearm. As it turns out, there’s a divide among the members of the gun community regarding dry firing. Advocates of both positions have some solid points in their defense. Older Firearms – A Strict No Dry firing can be harmful in certain situations, especially with regard to certain guns. Rim-fire rifles are one ex... read more

4 Best Guns for Protecting your Home Against Intruders

Sep 11, 2019

The Second Amendment safeguards every American’s right to bear arms. This is evident in the fact that Americans alone account for almost 46% of gun owners. Out of this number, 48% use them for home protection. Even though the number of home break-ins is decreasing, according to the FBI’s crime statistics, a home is broken into every 23 seconds. Arming yourself is the best deterrent for burglars. What firearm you go for to protect your home against intruders is a personal ... read more

Developing Accuracy and Speed – Range Drills for Learning to Shoot Under Pressure

Sep 07, 2019

Shooting is an art form. It requires patience and constant practice. When it comes to defensive shooting, the first thing that matters is accuracy! It’s also the most important aspect of defensive shooting. When defending yourself from a gun-wielding thug, it can be a matter of life and death. Accuracy plays a vital role in protecting yourself and your loved ones. You might not get a chance to get in a second shot so you need to make the first one count! The second most important thing is... read more

Maximize Your Concealed Carry Skills – Tips for Getting Ready for Concealed Carry

Sep 07, 2019

With the latest spike in mass shootings and violent crimes in America, the number of gun owners is increasing steadily. More and more people are exercising their right to defend themselves by choosing to carry. However, just because you have purchased a gun and gone to a few shooting ranges doesn’t mean you’re ready for the responsibilities associated with concealed carry. Here are a few tips that’ll help you be ready for the demands of concealed carry: Handle with Care ... read more

Be Responsible, Be Safe – Everyday Carry Guidelines

Sep 07, 2019

Just like you wouldn’t take a car on the road without knowing how to drive or without knowing the road rules, similarly, you shouldn’t carry concealed weapons without knowing the basic rules of carrying one. With great power comes great responsibility.  Spiderman’s uncle was absolutely right. You need to be aware of the enormity of your responsibility and engage in the lawful practices of carrying firearms. Here are some everyday guidelines to help you with that: Conce... read more

Top Fears You Need To Conquer Before Getting Your Concealed Carry License

Jul 11, 2019

Guns can be intimidating. Not all of us have grown up around guns or people who own guns. Some of us who were fortunate enough learned the basics of managing and shooting a gun as kids while hunting or in athletic competitions. But for those who’ve never held a gun before, it can be a daunting experience. A large number of firearms training courses face cancellations at the last minute. The main reason for this is anxiety and fear of handling a gun. While the growing number of concealed c... read more

Minimizing the Risks: Why Taking Concealed Carry Classes is a Good Idea

Jul 10, 2019

There are certain states in America that allow unrestricted carry for the general public. However, a majority of them require proof of competency before you can obtain a concealed carry permit. Enrolling in a firearms training course and getting a certificate of completion is one of the most basic ways of proving your competency with a weapon. While a lot of people believe that firearm training is just for military or the police, the fact is that it’s invaluable for anyone who wa... read more

Post-Shot Must-Dos: Critical Steps You Need to Take to Confirm Your Innocence

Jul 09, 2019

Each year, there are around 2.5 million shootings on the basis of self-defense in America. Every day in the U.S., millions of people protect and defend their loved ones or themselves using personal weapons. The right to self-defense is as old as time and it would be absurd to deny that to anyone. However, what’s important is what comes next. Say, you’ve shot someone who was trying to mug you. What do you do next? What is your legal defense strategy? How will you prove that you ... read more

What people ask about our concealed carry course

  • Which states recognize this course?

    The Carry Academy course meets the requirements for many different states, most of which through the reciprocity of a VA nonresident concealed handgun permit. See the state list.

  • How does The Carry Academy fulfill the necessary training requirements in so many different states?

    The majority of these states allow you to carry a concealed weapon by obtaining an Virginia Nonesident Concealed Handgun Permit. If you live in Iowa, Oregon or Virginia; you can apply for a Residents Permit as this course fulfills their necessary training requirements.

  • What is the process for obtaining my Virginia resident and nonresident concealed handgun permit?

    Virginia Resident Concealed Handgun Permits are issued by the circuit court of the county or city in which the applicant resides. You can obtain your application form by visiting the Resident Concealed Handgun Permits page on the Virginia State Police website. Non-residents will need to visit the Nonresident Concealed Handgun Permits page on the Virginia State Police website.

  • Am I guaranteed CCW permit approval if I live in one of your approved states?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to make such a claim. Even though many states honor the reciprocity laws of Virginia, we have found that some jurisdictions do not abide by these laws. We recommend, for all those interested, to first contact your local municipality or sheriff's department and explain that you will be taking an online course and applying for a VA nonresidents concealed handgun permit and ask if they will accept, prior to taking our online course.

  • How do I receive my certificate?

    Your certificate will appear on your screen, in your My Account area, upon passing the test. You may print or save it for later printing. An additional copy will also be emailed to you for your convenience. If you do not receive an email, be sure to check your Junk Mail folder. If marked as spam, mark it as "Not Spam" to help ensure safe delivery of any future emails from The Carry Academy.

  • What is reciprocity?

    Many jurisdictions have established arrangements where they recognize or honor permits or licenses issued by other jurisdictions with comparable standards, for instance in regard to marriage or driver's licenses. This is known as Reciprocity and is based on U.S. Constitution "full faith and credit" provision. Due to the nature of gun politics, reciprocity in regard to weapons carry permits or licenses has been controversial.

  • What is a concealed carry permit?

    A concealed carry permit is the practice of carrying a handgun or other weapon in public in a concealed manner, either on one's person or in close proximity.

  • Where do I find resident application links for my state?

    Please refer to the State Laws page.

  • What is the test like? Am I likely to pass?

    The test is 20 questions that are multiple choice and true/false. You must answer 15 questions, correctly, to pass. Although 99% of our students pass the first time, if you for some reason do not pass, you may go back and review the material and take it again at no additional charge.

  • Do I not need to shoot a gun to qualify for a concealed carry permit?

    No. Virginia, Iowa and Oregon law do not mandate live fire for meeting the training requirements for a concealed carry permit.

  • Do I need to watch the video all at once?

    No, although we recommend watching the video in one sitting, it can be paused and resumed at a later time. Please note; however, the session may expire after a certain amount of time. If that happens, you will need to restart the video when you log back in. We recommend watching the video in one sitting.

  • Are there places where you cannot conceal carry?

    While generally a concealed carry permit allows the permit holder to carry a concealed weapon in public, a state may restrict carry of a firearm including a permitted concealed weapon while in or on certain properties, facilities or types of businesses that are otherwise open to the public. These areas vary by state (except for the first item below; Federal offices are subject to superseding Federal law) and can include State and Federal goverment facilities, political events, educational institutions, hospitals, churches and others.

  • I am having issues with the video loading or it keeps stopping, what should I do?

    There are numerous factors that could cause the video to load or play improperly. Make sure that you are using a modern web browser. If problems persist, trying using a different web browser or device.

  • What training requirements are needed in order to obtain a CCW?

    Some states require concealed carry applicants to certify their proficiency with a firearm through some type of training or instruction. Certain training courses developed by the National Rifle Association that combine classroom and live-fire instruction typically meet most state training requirements. Some states recognize prior military or police service as meeting training requirements.

  • How much is the Firearms Safety Training Course?

    Our course is currently available for only $49.99. You can register here.

  • Where do I find more information about my states laws including reciprocity/traveling information?

    Please refer to the State Laws page.

  • What are the training requirements of Virginia?

    Virginia recognizes eight specific training options to prove competency in handgun handling, ranging from DD214 for honorably discharged military veterans, to certification from law enforcement training, to firearms training conducted by a state or NRA certified firearms instructor including electronic, video, or on-line courses. While any one of the eight listed options will be considered adequate proof, individual circuit courts may recognize other training options.

  • What is the process for obtaining my Virginia, Iowa or Oregon residents permit?

    Please refer to the State Laws page.

  • Is this class accepted for both resident and non-resident permit?

    Yes. Please refer to the State Laws page.

  • Will this class be accepted for the renewal of my permit (for states where this is necessary)?


  • Is my credit card information safe?

    Yes, credit card information is processed and then safely discarded. Our site is also guarded behind a firewall and 128-bit SSL, for your protection.

  • Is my information confidential?

    Yes, our privacy policy states that all your information is kept confidential and is never sold to a third party agency.

  • How long do I have to watch video after signing up?

    Once you have signed up for the course, you have 30 days to watch the video. If video is not watched within 30 days, we charge a $9.99 fee to reset the expiration.

  • What is your policy on refunds?

    Refunds will only be issued in the event that you are unable to access the Resources through no fault of your own (i.e., due to an outage or other non-functionality of The Carry Academy websites) for a period forty-eight (48) hours commencing with the time that you register and pay for access to the Resources. No refunds will be issued once you receive a Certificate of Completion.