Concealed Carry Permits
Carry in over 20 States!

Register for the Concealed Carry Permit Firearms Safety Training Class. It's only $49.99. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

The Carry Academy offers the least expensive, fastest and most convenient way to satisfy the training requirements needed in order to obtain your concealed carry permit in over 20+ states. The majority of these states allow you to carry a concealed weapon by obtaining a Virginia nonresident concealed handgun permit. If you live in Iowa, Oregon or Virginia; you can apply for a Residents Permit as this course fulfills the necessary training requirements.

Our online concealed carry firearms safety training video, taught by our nationally certified instructor, consists of approximately 30 minutes of our handgun safety class, followed by a quick and easy 20 question test. Upon completion of the course, simply print out your certificate and take it to your local sheriff's office or circuit court to proceed with your application.